Founding Member Benefits (click here)


As a Founding Member your membership commenced on 3/1/2023 and will renew in 1 year from that day on 3/1/2024 as a part of this level membership you are entitled to 2 FREE open plays per month. These FREE plays will not carry over month to month so be sure to use them. Below is a tutorial on how you will capture these credits each month.

  1. Choose an open play or social play session
  2. At Checkout enter promo code OPENPLAY1 and click APPLY(SEE BELOW)

3. This will remove the FEE for the session.

**OPENPLAY1 is the same promo code you will use for all of your free open plays** This code is good for each founding member 2 times per month.


As part of your commitment you will receive 4 GUEST PASSES per year. Please review the guest pass rules in the FAQ section of our website and app for important information on the GUEST PASSES and rules on there use. If you would like to use a guest pass please contact the front desk at 609-867-6439 or at and we will apply the pass to your guest(s) and deduct from your account.

**Guest passes are only good for open plays and can not be used on private court rentals or clinics


As a part of your membership you are entitled to1 hour of ball machine use per month. You can use your ball machine credit by entering promo code LOBSTER To book the ball machine navigate our app to the court rental section and you will see a tab for BALL MACHINE, select this tab to schedule your time and use the promo code to have the fee removed. Other players regardless of membership can join you during your ball machine rental at a rate of $10. The Ball Machine is only available between 11am & 4pm Monday to Friday for bookings. If these times do not fit your schedule please let us know and we try our best to accommodate you outside of the window


Another benefit of your membership with Proshot is a 10% discount off purchases with Landing Creek Pickleball @ Proshot Pickleball. This entitles you to 10% off all purchases made with Landing Creek Pickleball. Please be sure to share with our staff your FOUNDER status at check-out so they can apply the discount. The 10% discount is only good on purchases made at Landing Creek Pickleball @ Proshot and does not apply to purchases made at our OCNJ location or on-line. Also, the discount is non-transferable and only good on purchases made by founding members.